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Do you want to gain weight more quickly and effectively and cannot do so? Do you find it challenging to put on muscle mass? Are you trying supplements and still have no results?

It is no secret that a vast majority of guys find themselves in a situation where they cannot put on weight, and many different factors cause this.

Your age, eating habits, or genetics (1) can be the reason behind your inability to gain mass, but you can put this issue behind you with the best mass gainer.  

Transparent Lab Weight Gainer

Made by transparent labs this popular product has great mix of ingredients. Both the available flavours of chocolate glaze donut and vanilla are great.

Key features:

• 100 gms of clean carbs per serving and 53 gms of protein

• One of the purest formula on the market

• No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring

#2nd Best Choice

Jacked Factory Meal Replacement

Made with organic brown rice, this product comes with very low carb and fat count. The mix of organic cocoa, vanilla, and Ceylon cinnamon for flavor makes it quite tasteful as well.

Key features:

• 30% faster absorption compared to whey protein

• Boosts immunity and endurance

• Great amino acid profile

#3rd Best Choice

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

One of the best mass gainer powders in terms of protein content. It also comes in multiple flavor options such as  Chocolate and Vanilla.

Key features:

• Protein content of 51 gms per serving size.

• Suitable for someone looking to add lean muscle mass

• Doesn't contains fillers like maltodextrin

You may be wondering, why use the best weight gainer for skinny guys? Well, in this article, we will answer all your queries and assist you in grabbing the best weight gainer supplement today.

What Are Weight Gainer Supplements Or Mass Gainer Supplements?

Before you go ahead and grab the best weight gainer supplements present on the market, you must know what they are. As the name suggests, weight gainer or mass gainer supplements are packed with a surplus of nutrients and calories designed to help you build more mass.

These supplements come in a powder-like form which is commonly referred to as protein powder, and with its powdery form, you can make a shake and drink it. This mass gainer shake can replace your meal and provides you with excellent macronutrients (2)

Moreover, some mass gainer supplements also provide micronutrients and can be great for putting on weight. Due to this reason, gainers for skinny guys are essential for building muscle mass.

What Is The Best Weight Gain Supplements For Skinny Guys

If the benefits mentioned above have prepared you to grab the best muscle growth gainer in the market, let us help you out. There are plenty of weight gainers present in the market, and choosing the best one can be confusing for you.

However, we have handpicked the top weight gainers with effective results that you can rely on and have reviewed them in detail down below. So keep on reading to make an informed decision.

Best Weight Gainers for Men:

1. Best Weight Gainer for Men Overall: TL's Protein Mass Gainer

2. Best Meal Replacement for Men: JF's Meal Replacement

3. Best Budget Weight Gainer for Men:  CN's Mass Gainer

4. Best Weight Gainer for Bulking: TL's Protein Mass Gainer

5. Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Men: TL's Protein Mass Gainer

6. Best Popular Weight Gainer for Men: On's Serious MASS

1. Best Weight Gainer for Men Overall: 

 Transparent Lab Protein Mass Gainer

Transparent Lab Weight Gainer


Form: Powder

Number of Scoops: 30

How to use: 2 scoops per serving

Calorie Per Serving: 760

Protein Per Serving: 53 gms

Carbs Per Serving: 100 gms

Diet type: Vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, lactose free

Transparent Labs is a renowned supplement company based in Utah and is known for the transparency they provide in their products. Each product has a precise dosage of ingredients, and they even back them up with certificates of authenticity and analysis.

Due to its exceptional reputation, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is a non-artificial and nutrition-rich gainer designed to satisfy most athletes and bodybuilders.


This mass gainer is considered simple since it focuses on premium-quality ingredients instead of proprietary blends and has no added sugar. A single serving of this product contains 740 calories per serving and in the following quantity:

Carbohydrates - 109 grams (which has fifteen grams of sugar and eight grams of fiber)

Organic tapioca maltodextrin is the carb source present in this supplement, and it is a fast-digesting source. It helps replenish and supply lost glycogen stores and helps with the muscle growth process.

However, if you struggle with blood sugar problems, you need to be careful with consuming this product because maltodextrin can raise your blood sugar level and make you unwell.

Protein - 53 grams  

The protein source present in this supplement is grass-fed whey concentrate, a fast-digesting protein. This helps promote muscle protein synthesis (6), making this protein powder ideal for post-workout usage.

Fat - 12 grams

This 12-gram fat consists of six grams of unsaturated fat and medium-chain triglycerides, an artificial fat. Medium-chain triglycerides can get metabolized and absorbed into your body and promote better digestion (7)


The flavor of the supplement is essential because it is a well-known fact that supplements tend to taste horrible. However, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer comes in a unique cookie and cream flavor and is tasty without any aftertaste.

This supplement is even better because it has no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives, which allows it to be a clean and muscle mass gaining formula.


It has good quality ingredients added to the mix.

The Taste is excellent

Mixes Very Well

It has organic carbs added to it


Little pricey due to high quality ingredients

2. Best Meal Replacement Weight Gainer:

 Jacked Factory Meal Replacement

Jacked Factory Meal Replacement


Form: Capsules

Number of capsules: 60

How to use: 2 tablets a day

Price per month: $35

Diet type: Vegan, gluten-free, major allergen-free

The Jacked Factory Growth Surge mass gainer is a clean and lean gainer with a high protein concentration. It is a post-workout supplement specially designed to provide you with a quick gain in body fat and an energy boost. It is perfect for people who have trouble gaining weight and allows them to consume more calories.

Since it is supposed to be taken after a workout session, this supplement helps with muscle building and recovery. It is common for post-workout supplements to contain BCAAs and glutamine and protein powder, but this supplement has different ingredients.


A single tub of Growth Surge provides you with betaine anhydrous, creatine monohydrates, L-carnitine L-tartrate, black pepper extract, and BioPerine.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most effective ingredients present in a supplement and is well-researched. Creatine is simply a molecule produced in the liver, and its primary benefit is providing better power and strength when carrying resistance exercises (8).

Some manufacturers even sell creatine as an independent supplement. Moreover, when you combine creatine with exercise, you will see an effective increase in lean mass.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-carnitine L-tartrate increases the oxidation of fatty acids and reduces the formation of free radicals. But that’s not all! This single ingredient helps prevent muscle weakness, fatigue after a workout session, and hyperlipoproteinemia.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is a chemical found naturally inside your body (9) and is also present in food items such as wine, seafood, spinach, and beets. Jacked Factory has added this ingredient into their supplement since it can improve your workout performance, strength, and body training. Moreover, this single ingredient promotes cellular hydration and maximizes your workout results.


Bioperine plays the same role in most supplements - it enhances absorption (10), allowing minerals and vitamins to become available to the body. This ingredient can increase the absorption of beta carotene, curcumin, and even selenium and is excellent for gaining mass.


This super mass gainer comes in a single flavor: the Swoleberry flavor, and it has a slight tropical taste. It contains no artificial colors but does use artificial sweeteners that give it a bearable taste that you can enjoy.


Great for lean muscle growth.
Allows you to gain fat effectively.

It enhances muscle recovery.

It has premium quality ingredients in it.


Is often sold-out due to high consumption demands.

3. Best Budget Weight Gainer for Men:

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer


Form: Powder

Number of Scoops: 30

How to use: 6 scoops per serving / Meal Replacement

Calorie Per Serving: 695

Protein Per Serving: 50 gms

Carbs Per Serving: 100 gms

Diet type: Contains Milks Related items

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is another best mass gainer designed for skinny guys. This gainer is a nutritional meal replacement supplement with excellent quality ingredients that are entirely natural.

It provides plenty of calories, whereas the complex carbs in this blend help satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugars. This supplement blend helps promote quick muscle repair and effectively gains body weight.


This weight gain supplement is designed as a muscle gainer and is produced with the help of fitness experts and leading nutritionists. Due to this, people who opt for this mass gainer will see results within a few months of usage, and its high quality formulation plays a vital role in its results.

Carb 10

Carb 10 is a pea starch-based component that makes a meal replacement shake with plenty of benefits. This ingredient enhances the digestive capacities of the user and ensures faster and better consumption without increasing your fat intake.

Carb-10 works in such a way that it prevents the risk of developing diabetes or unhealthy blood sugar level and, at the same time, provides excellent digestion.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is an essential ingredient the user needs to increase strength and speedy recovery. This ingredient is present in the Crazy Nutrition supplement and allows you to make the perfect post-workout drink after an intense training session.

Whey Protein Blend  

Whey protein blend combines whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate and assists you with effective weight gaining results. This blend provides you with the amino acids you need to build strong muscles and gain lean muscle mass (11). Crazy Nutrition opts for the most premium quality whey protein blend in their weight gainer for skinny guys.


This mass gainer has a calorie-rich formulation and provides you with benefits without any added sugar or artificial flavoring. Moreover, you can get this product in two different flavors, chocolate and vanilla. You can add this milk protein to both cold and hot beverages depending on your requirement.

Read More Detailed Review of CN's Mass Gainer


Its great product for someone who is super skinny and low on body fat

 It contains digestive enzymes that help with better digestion.

It provides more calories and can act as a meal replacement.

It allows you to gain muscle mass.


The taste of the product isn't best

4. Best Weight Gainer for Bulking:

 Naked Nutrition’s Naked Mass

Naked Mass Weight Gainer


Form: Powder

Number of Scoops: 44

How to use: 4 scoops per serving

Calorie Per Serving: 1230

Protein Per Serving: 50 gms

Carbs Per Serving: 248 gms

Diet type: Vegan, non-gmo, lactose free

Naked Nutrition Naked Mass is a solid mass gainer focused on its raw ingredients and is a refreshing addition to your workout regimen. This weight gainer is pure and lacks any fillers or sugar additives. A single calorie serving of this weight gainer provides you with 1250 calories and muscle-enhancing protein instead of relying too much on carbs.

You may be surprised to know that this muscle milk gainer contains three premium quality ingredients, allowing it to be one of the best mass gainers in the market. Moreover, with this supplement, you get 11 grams of protein, and it contains no artificial colors or sweeteners and is also gluten-free!


Naked Mass Gainer is the perfect source for consuming clean and complex carbs. This weight gainer may have a high price tag, but its high quality ingredients and 50 grams of protein make it worth buying.

Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a form of carbohydrate that you can find in wheat, rice, and potato starch. It allows you to get fast-release carbs in your body and feel energetic quickly. This makes this muscle milk gainer a great drink to consume before your workout session.

Whey Protein

Naked Mass is an exceptional protein powder since it contains 30g of proteins and 11.5g of BCAA’s. It only uses whey protein from grass-fed cows, and it is a fast-release form of protein. Due to this, you are always in a constant muscle-building state and can see results quicker.


Casein protein used in Naked Mass is sourced only from grass-fed cows. It provides your body with a slow-digesting protein that releases amino acids slowly. So if you drink this supplement after a workout session, then the slow release will allow amino acids to last all night long. This feature allows your muscles to get repaired while you sleep peacefully.


Naked Mass comes without any flavor addition and limited ingredients, and you may assume that it would taste terrible, but that’s not true. This milk protein isolate comes in a vanilla flavoring and provides a clump-free and easily blendable consistency. The flavor makes it taste enjoyable for all.


It contains premium quality ingredients.
It has no artificial sweetener.

It comes with 11g of BCAA’s and 50gs of protein.

Blendable and lump-free consistency.


Is expensive as compared to other protein powders.

5. Most Popular Weight Gainer for Men:

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

On Serious Mass


Number of Scoops: 16

How to use: 2 scoops per serving

Calorie Per Serving: 1250

Protein per Serving: 50 gms

Cabrs Per Serving: 252 Gms

Diet type:  NA

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a good mass gainer for skinny guys since it is a high-calorie gainer. It contains exceptional ingredients such as creatine, vitamins, and glutamine that assist you with weight gain and lean muscle growth. This is an ideal mass gainer if you want to gain weight fast since it comes with 1250 calories per serving which contain 50 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of fat.

With this protein powder, you can gain lean muscle mass by making a mass gainer shake. You can add nut butter and bruits to create the best mass gainer to drink after a workout session to give it a good taste.


Nutrition super mass gainers are filled with slow-digesting proteins, essential amino acids, and carbohydrates, perfect for weight gain and strength. The best part about its ingredient list is that it lacks added sugar and instead provides twenty-four different minerals and vitamins in every serving.

But that’s not all! This high quality blend also consists of whey protein concentrate and egg albumen, which is necessary for mass gainers.

Essential Amino Acids

To gain muscle mass, opting for a mass gainer which is rich in amino acids and has high-quality protein is necessary, and this nutrition super mass gainer provides you with that. To gain lean body mass, the body recycles non-essential amino acids and synthesizes them (12). Due to this reason, amino acid is necessary for weight gain supplements.


Fats are essential to weight gain and help provide tremendous energy for your workout sessions. This muscle mass gainer gives you the two dietary fats needed for muscle gain and other essential ingredients such as tyrosine.


Increasing your carbohydrate intake (13) can help you out if you want to gain weight. Due to its fast weight gain properties, carbohydrates are a part of many mass gainers for skinny guys, including Optimum Nutrition. They provide you with fiber and other micronutrients needed to build muscle mass and strength recovery.


If you are tired of not finding the right flavor for your mass gainer, this Optimum Nutrition for skinny guys is perfect. You can buy this mass gainer in four different flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

Each flavor is designed to gain lean mass and perfect your post-workout drinks.


It contains 50 grams of protein.
Perfect for muscle gains.

Vitamins and minerals for quick recovery and extra nutrients.

Excellent calorie intake.


Can provide a slight bloating effect after consumption.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Weight Gainer

While the reviews mentioned above will allow you to get the best mass gainers for skinny guys, you must also do your research. When shopping for a weight gainer, you must check its formulation and ingredients, nutrients, price, and flavor you like.

Knowing exactly what to look for and choosing the right product will allow you to enjoy the mass gainer supplement to its fullest capacity. So read on below and get your hands on the best weight gainers for yourself.


Most weight gainer supplements are very similar to one another, but they do have one significant difference between each other, which is: the quality of ingredients used in their making. Now you can find mass gainer powder at different prices, and usually, the price reflects its quality; however, this is not always the case.

Sometimes the quality is determined by other factors such as its taste, how soluble it is in water, and its effectiveness in showing faster results.

You may be wondering: how can you get a good quality mass gainer? The answer is simple; you need to check its ingredients and formulations. Ideally, opting for a mass gainer low on sugar and sodium, high in complex carbs, whey protein isolate, digestive enzymes, and high quality protein is an excellent option to buy.

Macro Split

Weight gainers provide you with many calories, rich in carbs and proteins. If you find carbs as the main macro on the ingredient list, this is okay, but you must have equal or at least half as much protein present in the gainer.

Usually, high-calorie mass gainers tend to have carbs that are over 250 grams, whereas proteins are 50 grams. This vast difference between carbs and protein is that carbs are cheap and have a low production cost.

So manufacturers use more carbs; however, if you want to get your hands on the best mass gainer, then opt for one that has a high protein content. Such mass gainers provide high calories and make your muscle development more effective.

Calorie Density

With a mass gainer, your main aim is to increase your calorie intake, and you can do this easily if you focus on your caloric density. Before you go ahead and start looking for calorie density, you need to understand it clearly. Two types of calorie density are advertised on the packaging:

  • Caloric density
  • Caloric density per serving

Mass gainer supplement powder usually provides you with 500kcal to around 2000 kcal, which might entice you enough to buy it. However, if you look at the product information sheet, you will understand that this wide range doesn’t recommend the proper calorie density.

Instead, this is just the caloric density present in a single serving, and so some vendors tend to advertise this based on two scoops, whereas some advertise it on even six scoops filled with 100g of powder. This allows them to attract customers but provides wrong and misleading information.

If you do not want misleading information and are looking forward to getting your money’s value, check out the caloric density only present at the back of the packaging instead of looking at the caloric density per serving.


Apart from complex carbs, fat, and protein, some weight gainers have vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients. Ideally, you should watch these nutrients because it makes the mass gainer more effective. On the other hand, make sure you avoid low-quality and useless calories since they won’t give you any benefit at all.

When searching the ingredient list, try to find good ingredients with high calories to get maximum benefits. One important thing to remember is that you will be using a mass gainer as a replacement meal, and so it must be just as nutritious as a balanced diet.


Even the best weight gainers taste pretty awful; this is a well-known fact in the workout community. However, opting for a mass gainer with a flavor that you like will allow it to have a pleasant taste and make it bearable for you.

Instead of drinking a milk protein concentrate that is not only bad in taste but is not your favorite flavor will make it very difficult for you to consume daily. Many flavors are present in the market, including cookies and creams, chocolate, and vanilla. You can also get gluten-free flavors if you want that.


Another critical factor you need to consider is the price of the weight gainer supplement you are buying. High quality products are more expensive; there is no doubt about that. However, protein powder is not cheap. You cannot go to the market to get the best weight gainers and expect them to be dirt cheap, but you can get one at an affordable price.

If you are getting a weight gainer supplement that is cheap, then it is advised that you do not buy it because a cheap product will have a worse taste and no nutritional value.

It is better to go for a mid-priced weight gainer supplement that won’t make you empty your wallet and provide you with a great nutritional value. Moreover, if you cannot afford even a mid-priced weight gainer, relying on food is better than going for a cheap mass gainer; a cheap product will not benefit you.

Is Gainer For Skinny Guys Beneficial?

When it comes down to using a weight gainer, you must be wondering whether it is beneficial for you or not? It is no secret that some weight gainer supplements can be pricey, so if you are underweight and are still unsure about buying these protein powders, then knowing their benefits can help you out. These benefits will allow you to make a surefire decision.

Weight Gain

Skinny and underweight people have difficulty increasing their body weight due to their high metabolic rate (3), so using a mass gainer supplement will help them out. Gaining weight relies on calorie surplus and if you cannot get that from eating food, then consuming these weight gainers does the trick.

It is a brilliant idea to rely on at least one weight gainer shake per day to get the right amount, but if you do not see any results, you can increase this to two shakes per day. Over time, you will gain weight and muscle mass with this supplement.

Get Rid Of Calorie Deficiency

People who tend to engage in high-intensity activities will focus on a high caloric intake to keep up with their health and lifestyle. High-intensity activity can be anything from a simple day job to sports, but recovery is an added benefit these weight gainers provide you.

Weight gainers for skinny people allow you to get rid of your calorie deficiency and help you in increasing your body fat.

Excellent For Post-Workout

Mass gainers are ideal for consumption after a workout session since they help you repair your muscles and their growth. After an intense workout session, protein synthesis speeds up in the body, and replacing lost carbohydrates allows you to achieve effective muscle recovery.

The best mass gainer is rich in healthy fats and whey protein and has all the essential amino acids needed by your body. These ingredients make your post-workout meal exceptionally healthy and beneficial.

Blend Of Excellent Macronutrient

A mass gainer is usually considered a mix of macronutrients and a calorie-surplus diet, but there is more to it than just that. Besides having healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein concentrate, mass gainers come packed with other essential micronutrients.

These micronutrients include dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins as well. If you opt for a mass gainer with these ingredients, you will enjoy additional nutritional support and help your metabolism get the boost it needs.

Replenishes Glycogen Stores

When you carry out physical activities, your body and muscles use glycogen as fuel. This means that you rely on the glycogen present inside your muscles during weight lifting or strength training. (4) Carbohydrate is broken down in the body and is used to store glycogen, which is then used to produce ATP (5), a high-energy fuel your muscles need for intense and high-effort workouts.

Since mass gainers are rich in carbohydrates, this replenishes the glycogen stored inside your muscles and will allow you to make workouts better. Furthermore, the carbs get involved with muscle growth, and you can achieve a ripped look in a few months.

Easy To Use

The last benefit that a mass gainer can provide is a very convenient and easy-to-use food alternative. With this single product, you can fill up on micronutrients and macronutrients and get a calorie-sufficient diet essential for skinny people.

Mass gainers for skinny guys is a great purchase, especially if you are short on time and cannot prepare your meals for the day. So if you are traveling or are unable to cook, or even if you do not like to cook, a mass gainer can help out.

How Much Protein Powder Should You Drink?

The quantity of protein powder mainly depends on your requirement, but it is advised that you consume a single serving of weight gainer daily. However, skinny guys can opt for two servings of weight gainer, pre and post-workout sessions, to gain weight and get good calorie content.

Another smart way to decide how much protein powder is good for you is to match the mass gainer with your metabolic level. If you are a complete ectomorph and struggle to put on some weight, you should look for a mass gainer with at least five hundred or more calories per serving.  

Similarly, if you have an incredibly active lifestyle and burn a lot of energy every day, then a weight gainer with a calorie range of 250 to 500 would be a brilliant idea. This calorie range will support your muscle growth and provide you with endurance.

When Should You Take A Mass Gainer?

If you are trying to put on weight and opt for two shakes a day along with three meals, you can drink one shake early in the morning and another right before bed. This way, you get to eat all your meals without replacing them with the shakes and will be able to put on weight much faster. Keep in mind that once you have reached your goal, you must start consuming a single shake per day.

So if you are opting for a single shake per day, you can drink it pre-workout for better strength at exercise or post-workout.

How Can A Skinny Man Gain Weight Faster?

While many overweight people dream of being skinny, being underweight is not a very healthy thing (14) to want. Underweight people try tirelessly, day and night, to gain weight, especially when it comes to guys, and aim to increase their muscle mass.

The main principle behind gaining weight as well as muscle mass is the following:

  • Invest in a good quality weight gainer for regular use
  • Consume more calories than you are burning
  • Consume large amounts of carbs and fats
  • Consume a lot of protein in your diet (15)
  • Eat at least three times per day
  • Opt for energy-dense food products (16)
  • Rely on condiments, sauces, and spices
  • When exercising, focus on lifting heavy weight and strength training (17)
  • Be consistent and patient with your workout and diet

Keep reading if you want to learn more tips about gaining weight faster and more efficiently.


Are Mass Gainers Worth Buying?

Mass gainers are incredibly high in calories and so if you struggle to get the right amount of calories from food and are skinny, then this supplement can help you out.

Can You Use Mass Gainers Without Exercising?

Mass gainers work towards increasing your weight, and if you are very skinny, then you can take them without exercising. However, if you do not exercise, you won’t be able to grow and build muscles and so if getting a ripped physique is your aim, then working out is essential.

What Is Present In Gluten-Free Weight Gaining Supplements?

Gluten-free weight-gaining supplements contain casein and whey protein along with organic tapioca maltodextrin. All protein sources are from grass-fed cows, and carbohydrate is from gluten-free tapioca only.

Is Whey Protein Isolate Better Than Whey Protein Concentrate?

Yes, whey isolate is a superior ingredient to whey protein concentrate because it is higher in protein. Whey isolate can have protein ranging from 90% and more, whereas concentrate can be anywhere from 30% to 89%.

This is because isolate goes under more processing, which leads to higher protein content and less fat, carbs, and lactose. This also makes whey protein isolate more expensive than concentrate.

Can You Take A Protein Shake Before Bed?

Drinking a protein shake is not a bad idea and can benefit ectomorphs or people with a speedy metabolism. Your insulin levels tend to decrease when you do not eat, which can happen at night during your sleep. Once your insulin levels drop, your body understands that it has less energy when the stored fat and muscle mass are consumed.

However, if you are skinny, this consumption of stored muscle mass and fat can make you stay skinny. But if you get adequate calories before you head to bed, you can prevent this issue. So it is a brilliant idea that you take your protein shake at least one hour before going to bed.


When buying the best protein powders to gain weight, you should learn which mass gainers you can choose, what ingredients are needed to be effective, and how to shop for one on your own.

While we have reviewed the top 6 mass gainers present in the market, there are other options you can choose from as well. When you shop, make sure you use the buyer’s guide mentioned in this article to make the right decision and check out the customer reviews to narrow down the options.

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