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Take Action Websites

Below are Take Action websites with information to help you begin living a healthier life:


Different Food Obsessions And Treatment -

Brain Food: These Nutrients Help The Brain Stay Sharp For Longer

U of G Food Scientist Finds Effective Way to Clean Produce | University of Guelph

EWG’s 2013 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Foods That Reduce High Blood Pressure - Fight Hypertension - AARP

Heart-healthy diet: 8 steps to prevent heart disease -

The Optimal Menopause Diet - Menopause Center - Everyday Health


Click here: Healthy aging -

RealAge: Health Assessments & Tips, Health Information - Sharecare

Waist to Height Ratio: The New Determinant Of Health Risk | LIVESTRONG.COM

Surprising Signs You’ll Live to 100 -

Inflammation - Can We Cure Aging? | - Fight Aging!

Seven risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease - Los Angeles Times

Lumosity - Brain Games & Brain Training

Health and Wellness Information from Prevention Magazine -

Vitality at 50 and Beyond: WebMD Community Expert - WebMD

WebMD - Better information. Better health

Tips for Your 50s and Beyond:

Dr. Oz’s Health Tips - Men’s Fitness

How Sex Changes for Men After 50, Sex Advice & Tips for Older Men, - AARP

Sex After 50 - The Truth vs. The Myths | Reader’s Digest

Dr. Northrup’s 10 tips for better sex after 50

Key to a healthy, happy retirement: Having fun

Baby Boomer Health, Aging & Retirement | Midlife Caregiving & Relationships | ThirdAge

Aging Abundantly | Resources and Support for the Woman at Midlife and Beyond

Fall prevention: 6 tips to prevent falls -

For women

Aging Backwards

The Best of Everything After 50 with Barbara Hannah Grufferman — AARP - YouTube

AARP The Magazine - Feel Great. Save Money. Have Fun.

Secrets to Staying Young -

How to Live Longer | Blue Zones

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young | Care2 Healthy Living

Foxy 50 Over 50 | Gallery | Wonderwall

Over 50? Tips For Getting Fit Again (Or For The First Time!)

Famous Women over 50 Who Are Still Beautiful –

Brain Food: These Nutrients Help The Brain Stay Sharp For Longer


Barriers to fitness: Overcoming common challenges -

Rev up your workout with interval training -

Muscles For Women

Exercise Routines for Men Over 50 | Healthy Living -

Web MD Click here: Fitness When You’re Over 40

Madonna at 53: What It Takes to Be That Fit

Exercise Tips for Women Over 50

Maintain Muscle Mass : Muscle Health : Men’s Health Spotlight :

Slide show: Balance exercises -

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