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Real Member Stories

*These are personal stories of success from Welcyon members. Your results may vary.

Finding Her Fit
"Since joining, overall I’ve progressed 168%, and my upper body strength has improved over 250%. To me, it’s dramatic progress from just coming in and doing my exercises."
Lisa B.*

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Ole M, Successful Welcyon Member

Getting Diabetes Under Control
"I was able to go off [one diabetes] medication after about a month at Welcyon."
Ole M.*
Member Janie W. using Welcyon's Smart Equipment

Building Strength for the Job
"Since I joined [Welcyon], I am 153% above from when I started here, so that says an awful lot."
Janie W.*

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David Erusha, Welcyon Member

Heart Felt Good Health
"David has shed 25 pounds and two inches from his waist, and his jowls and double chin have melted away."
David E.*

She’s Slimmer, Stronger & Conquering the Garden
"Judy D. has shed 16 pounds and increased her strength by 105%, giving her more energy and endurance for her gardening and other activities she loves."
Judy D.*
Johnson twins, Ron and Rod

Doubling Up on Fitness
"I built a lot of strength and tone in my muscles pretty rapidly."
Rod J. (with twin Ron J.)*
Michelle Cunningham

The workouts are fast, efficient and effective.
"Right away, I was impressed by the caring, attentive staff. The environment was so friendly and relaxed."
Michelle C.*

Shedding weight & feeling great.
"I’ve lost about 30 pounds and don’t plan on stopping now!"
Curt B.*
Member Sally R

I’m more toned and my clothes fit better.
"Even after that first week I felt stronger at volleyball."
Sally R.*
Mike's Welcyon Success Story

My steps are lighter.
"My steps are lighter. I have more energy, and feel a lot better about myself."
Mike S.*
Welcyon member testimonial

I have so much more energy now.
"I have so much more energy now — at work, home and on the softball field. I’ve even taken up biking. My cholesterol’s dropped, too. Last time I visited the doc he said: ‘You’re in better shape than I am."
Richard B.*

I really feel like it saved my life.
"With my rheumatoid arthritis, I couldn’t go to an average health club. The program Welcyon created for me made all the difference. I really feel like it saved my life."
Sharon M.*
Welcyon member testimonial

I’m in my best shape ever.
"I doubled my strength, went down 5 waist sizes and got off my meds."
Jerry K.*

Since joining Welcyon I am pain free. I am stronger.
"Somehow I injured my back playing tennis...I went to a clinic where they told me I may actually need cortisone shots for the rest of my life, and I thought I can't do that."

Whatever you’re doing—keep doing it because it’s working.

"Working out at Welcyon, I felt a difference almost immediately."

Teresa lives in tank tops. And why not show off her great arms?
"Because I go to Welcyon three times a week, I think about self-improvement every day. "

My strength has improved a lot.
"When I came into Welcyon they all knew about my back condition and they did guide me through...and made sure I wasn't overdoing it."
Tom is no stranger to pain.
"You can’t quit. You’ve got to keep on moving. Even when I’m in pain, I keep moving"

Before I came to Welcyon I was worried I was going to be able to keep working where I do.
"I was surprised that after only a few weeks at Welcyon I felt a lot better."

The biggest thing I have noticed is Welcyon really helps my sports.
"When I am on the ski slopes I can go longer and I have better wind."
Welcyon fitness coach
Exercise doesn’t lie. If you put in the time, you’ll see the benefits
"Going to Welcyon is like going to the bank. It’s an investment for now and for the future."
Coach Bob*
Marge, who works out regularly, has really embraced the social aspect of Welcyon.
"I’ve made friends here. You really get to know each other. It’s easy to strike up a conversation."
He figured he had nothing to lose
"“I lost my high cholesterol and triglyceride values that I’ve been fighting. This is the lowest these values have been in four years”"

John says he’s addicted to Welcyon. And if you look at him, you’d believe it.
"I love to go to the doctor’s office and kind of amaze them."

The thing about coming to Welcyon is you enjoy what you are doing.
"It's not like your typical workout. It's challenging and you're using every muscle in your body, but it is energizing. "

I have learned so much from the staff, readings, from studies I've been made aware of while at Welcyon of the positive effect exercise can have on your mood.
"I do have a history of depression, there are many changes that have helped me for the positive at Welcyon."

The program has helped me accomplish amazing results.
"Every time I go to the doctor I take along my progress sheet that shows how much we have improved in our exercises and they're always so impressed with them."

Work Outs Keep 84-Year-Old Blooming with Good Health
"Going to Welcyon a few times a week really kept my strength up. I could get right in and carry the big mulch bags from the pickup truck—just like I’d never taken any time off."

She's Dancing Through Her Eighties
"It takes less effort for me to perform my ballet moves. I am also more limber, which makes it easier for me to play my violin. I’m glad that my son told me about Welcyon. It’s more than a gym. It’s a community of people who care. And that’s what keeps me coming back."
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Claims of increased strength are based on an analysis of 716 members who exercised for two years. Results will vary based on each individual’s level of participation. Wellness claims are based on evidence in health and exercise science literature.
Franchises that receive federal assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration by law, may not discriminate, prohibit, or deny services to any individual who seeks membership at the franchisee’s facility.