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Success Stories

Shedding weight & feeling great.
"I’ve lost about 30 pounds and don’t plan on stopping now!"
Curt B.

Doing computer work for Minnesota’s state colleges and universities is not exactly hard physical labor. In fact, it’s downright sedentary. Curt Brosdahl is painfully aware of this.

“Because I was in front of the computer screen for at least eight hours a day, my lifestyle caught up with me. I slowly grew fat and weak,” Curt recalled. Unless he found a way to turn things around, he knew he’d be on track to some serious health issues. Suddenly, losing weight became a top priority.

Adopting Healthy Habits

After doing a little research, he found a weight-loss program sponsored by his insurance company. “It taught me how to eat healthier, and showed me healthy habits for living a longer happier life.”

Getting Slim and Strong

One of those habits was exercise. Although Curt had many health clubs to choose from, he ultimately settled on Welcyon’s individually coached program of strength training and cardio. His results speak for themselves.

“When I joined about a year ago, I weighed 223 pounds,” Curt said. “As of this week, I have lost about 30 pounds, and am down to 190. I am not planning on stopping now! Welcyon will be a big part of my fitness journey.”

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