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Success Stories

Whatever you’re doing—keep doing it because it’s working.

"Working out at Welcyon, I felt a difference almost immediately."

Kim has been struggling to get back to a ‘normal’ life after a serious motorcycle accident. The 54-year-old injured her shoulder, broke her collar bone and her knee was so swollen that she couldn’t move her leg. A month after the accident, Kim started physical therapy and returned to Welcyon. “Working out at Welcyon, I felt a difference almost immediately. I could start to slowly bend my knee. Two weeks later, my physical therapist was amazed. She said, ‘Whatever you’re doing—keep doing it because it’s working.’” Kim has kept up with regular workouts and over time has made some dramatic improvements. According to Kim, “I am 100 percent positive that I would not be in as good a place as I am now without Welcyon. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going to those big box gyms to rehab. Welcyon and the fitness instructors made me feel comfortable to do the work that I needed to do.”

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