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Success Stories

Mike's Welcyon Success Story

My steps are lighter.
"My steps are lighter. I have more energy, and feel a lot better about myself."
Mike S.

How Mike S. Lost 20 Pounds, 2 Inches, and a Whole World of Stress

Mike had no problem staying in shape during his military career, but after retiring at age 50 he began losing strength.

“I realized that staying physically fit was becoming a huge challenge,” he said. Mike tried working out at his community fitness center, and even bought some home-exercise equipment, but he didn’t stick with either program. “I just didn’t have the willpower to do it on my own,” he said.

Working Out His Grief

Welcyon is so non-intimidating and relaxed. The staff is always so friendly. It’s a place where you can engage socially and meet new friends.

Ultimately, it was a personal tragedy that put him back on track to fitness. When Mike’s wife became terminally ill with cancer, he was overwhelmed by stress and grief. He needed a safety valve; a place to blow off some steam. So he tried a free week at Welcyon. Setting goals and getting personalized coaching were great motivators—and more than a little bit therapeutic.

What began as a distraction during a difficult time became a way of life.

Gaining Strength for the Long Miles Ahead

Since joining Welcyon in 2014, Mike has lost 20 pounds—and two inches from his waistline. Big strength gains in his arms and legs, and improved upper-body flexibility have been life changing. He no longer gets short of breath, and has more endurance, too. In fact, he now walks the dog several miles a day, plays golf, and works in the yard. “My steps are lighter,” he says. “I have more energy, and feel a lot better about myself.” And although he has met most of his fitness goals, Mike says he’s got more work to do.

“Ultimately I would love to get off of my blood pressure and cholesterol meds. That’s my long-term goal. I haven’t reached it yet, but I’m working on it.”

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