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Success Stories

Ole M, Successful Welcyon Member

Getting Diabetes Under Control
"I was able to go off [one diabetes] medication after about a month at Welcyon."
Ole M.

Finding a Better Fit

Successful Member, Ole M.

In 1999, Ole was diagnosed with diabetes. “I was very good about keeping in shape, using a rowing machine at home. But over time, I developed additional medical issues, and decided I needed more than just a rowing machine that always worked the same groups of muscles,” shares Ole.

Luckily, one of Ole’s friends was a member at Welcyon, and suggested Ole give it a try. “I stopped by Welcyon for a few minutes, looked through the equipment, and liked what I saw. I really liked that you don’t have to remember anything, because your smart card tracks it,” Ole recalls.

As a mechanical engineer, he also appreciated the use of compressed air in the machines, and that there is no need to move around weights, or set up pulls.

Getting Diabetes Under Control

Ole has made significant progress in both his health and overall strength since joining Welcyon.

“When I started at Welcyon, I weighed about 215 lbs and was on two medications for my diabetes. Now, I am down to about 190 lbs, and have eliminated one of those medications. I was very impressed that I was able to go off that medication after about a month at Welcyon, and that half of the total weight I’ve lost occurred in the first six months.”

Even though Ole made much of his progress toward the beginning of his membership, he is not slowing down or making excuses to skip his workouts. “The machines are easy to use and you can do it in half an hour. ‘I don’t have time’ is not an excuse here.”

My strength has increased by about 69–90% in all of my muscle groups.

Gaining Strength

According to the computers, Ole has also made impressive gains in regards to strength. “My strength has increased by about 69–90% in all of my muscle groups,” Ole shares. “I am not surprised [seeing these numbers], because I’ve also seen changes to my body… I had been doing cardio before, with rowing; but Welcyon incorporated the strength training that made all the difference,” he explains.

Ole highly recommends Welcyon and strength training to his friends whose workout regimens are limited to running.

Future Goals

Ole is very happy with the progress that he has made at Welcyon. Moving forward, he says he’d like to maintain the strength and health benefits he’s achieved thus far.

“I’ve been at this point for over a year, and want to keep it up,” shares Ole. “It’s one of the things that, if I should ever move to a new city, I hope I can find another Welcyon.”

Ole admits that Welcyon has become a big part of his daily life. “Most weeks, I am here five days a week, doing three days of strength training and two days of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes. It’s been a great experience. I recommend it highly!”

An Unbeatable Environment

The coaches are always here if you have questions, and they are easy to get to.

Ole also appreciates the welcoming, age-appropriate environment at Welcyon. “It’s not for the young and beautiful,” Ole jokes, laughing “… just for the beautiful!”

Of course, Ole is referring to Welcyon’s age 50+ members, which is another aspect of the club that convinced him to join. But it wasn’t just members who drew Ole’s attention. “The coaches are always here if you have questions, and they are easy to get to. They’re friendly, and you get to know them,” he shares.

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