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Success Stories

Welcyon member testimonial

I have so much more energy now.
"I have so much more energy now — at work, home and on the softball field. I’ve even taken up biking. My cholesterol’s dropped, too. Last time I visited the doc he said: ‘You’re in better shape than I am."
Richard B.

Shouldering a Full Load

Richard B. Got Four Times Stronger and a Whole Lot More Energetic

Rich has always been active, but after recovering from a shoulder injury he wanted to get back into weightlifting and exercising in a lower-impact way. Searching for a new gym, he saw an article about Welcyon.

“When I read about the club’s air-resistance equipment, that really piqued my interest,” he recalls.”

Regaining Strength for Work

After a year of strength training, my cholesterol dropped from 137 to 81.

Working in a malt-house factory that supplies craft breweries, Rich regularly hefts 50-pound sacks of barley. It’s tough work and he needs to stay in shape to avoid injury. That’s why he hits the strength and cardio circuit a couple times a week, and joins in the club’s cardio classes, too. Since joining in 2014, he has quadrupled his overall strength.

More Energy for Play

“I find that my energy level has improved since I joined Welcyon,” he says. So much, in fact, that not only does he have more energy at work, he’s taken up bicycle riding and sometimes even bikes to Welcyon. He also bowls and regularly plays softball—with much younger friends.

A Great Place to Workout

Having belonged to traditional gyms in the past, Rich appreciates Welcyon’s relaxed, casual atmosphere. “It’s less intimidating,” he says. “You see people well into their 60s, 70s, and 80s who seem to come in and enjoy their workout.”

Rich was elated when the Burnsville location opened, as it was much closer to his home than the Bloomington club which he originally joined. The only problem? “I met a lot of new people there who I miss!”

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