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Member Sally R

I’m more toned and my clothes fit better.
"Even after that first week I felt stronger at volleyball."
Sally R.

Serving Up Strength for Volleyball

At 73, Sally still holds her own on the volleyball court—even with players who are decades younger. A lifelong player, she has reaped the physical and social benefits from her neighborhood league for over 36 years.

Battling Weight Gain and Diabetes

But despite staying active, she gained weight over time, and developed type 2 diabetes. Weight Watchers helped, but once she reached her goal, she’d ease off, gain weight, and start the cycle all over again.

Right from the start, there was so much more individual attention at Welcyon.

Knowing that exercise was a critical part of the equation, she tried several gyms, but didn’t feel comfortable in any of them. And as for working out at home, she notes wryly: “I’ve got a treadmill in my basement that I hang my clothes on.”

So despite her reservations about gyms, Sally tried a free week at Welcyon, and was very pleasantly surprised.

“Right from the start, there was so much more individual attention at Welcyon. And I really like that,” she said. “Even after that first week I felt stronger at volleyball.”

Beach Volleyball

Getting Stronger, Slimmer and Healthier

In fact, during her first six months, Sally’s overall strength increased by nearly 50 percent. Better yet, her strength program (along with sensible eating via Weight Watchers) lowered her blood-sugar numbers, keeping both Sally and her doctor happy.

Plus, since joining Welcyon she says her muscles feel more toned and her skin feels tighter. “I notice my clothes fit better,” she says.

And while the social perks of belonging to Welcyon can’t be measured on the waistline (or the volleyball court), Sally says they pay off every time she comes to the club.

“I like knowing the coaches that work there—and the people that work out there,” Sally said. “You form relationships with them, and that’s really nice.”

As for the upcoming volleyball season, it looks like she’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the court.

“When we start up again, it’ll be interesting to see how my new strength improves my serving—because not to brag, I was a really good server before I started Welcyon!” Sally said, chuckling.

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