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Proven Program that Pays Off

You can buy a room full of equipment. But without our expert testing, implementation and monitoring, it will likely sit unused. Sure, you can hire a trainer, but you still won’t have a program that works like Welcamp—a franchise program specifically designed for senior living communities, which can lead to increased length of stay and occupancy. We know it works because Welcamp is based on our proven neighborhood fitness franchise, Welcyon, Fitness After 50. You'll benefit from years of experience and member results. We’ve discovered how to motivate different personalities along their fitness journey, triggering healthy new habits. It’s a formula as complex as each individual—and it’s a formula for success.

Welcamp is a complete turn-key program developed by experts in the field of aging adults and fitness. We know how to bring seniors out of their rooms and engage them in a program they’ll want to stay with—because it works. Specially trained fitness coaches create a customized workout focusing on the individual needs of each resident. Seniors will feel themselves gaining strength and stamina at their own pace resulting in a more vital life.

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Your Customers Expect More

Today’s aging Boomers are more active and more affluent than any generation before them.

They don’t just want a high-quality fitness program…they expect it.