Welcyon - Fitness After 50

We’re a fitness center designed especially for people over 50. If you want the energy to fully enjoy life, and the strength to get things done, then Welcyon welcomes you. If you seek a group of friends who are committed to staying strong, and to each other, then Welcyon is the place for you.

Staying strong rewards you in countless ways.

You’ll gain energy and maintain your independence. You’ll reduce pain and lower your blood pressure. And you’ll achieve limitless other health improvements.

Even though you may be an avid walker, it’s not enough. So keep your personal freedoms. And let Welcyon help you see beyond life’s limitations. Then just imagine all the possibilities. Find out how.


Largely because of inactivity, an average aging adult loses 70% of muscle mass throughout life. No matter your age, with regular resistance exercise, you increase muscle strength, preserve bone density, and improve balance. And more muscle burns more calories resulting in weight loss.
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Think strong

Imagine feeling better than you have in years.
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