8 Beginner Arm Workout For Good Toning

Updated on  January 6, 2023
Aditya Sahu

Aditya Sahu ‧ CPT & Head Coach

Aditya is an ACSM certified personal trainer with more than 7 years training various people and transforming people's lives. He has written various publications for various sports and fitness magazines. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people utilized their free time to work on their health and physique. Seeing all these people has provided this newfound motivation to gain muscle or lose weight.

Often, you will find yourself in a situation where you may pick something heavy and feel that you do not have the strength to lift or carry that object. That can be one of the most defeating feelings one can go through. That is why you might consider different types of arm workouts.

The beginner arm workouts that we have put together for you are practical, and you can also perform them without going to the gym and paying the extra fee if you have some of the required material at home.

8 Beginner Arm Exercises You Must Try:

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press can be considered a beginner arm workout and an advanced workout. This specific exercise focuses mainly on building the size and strength of your triceps area and your chest. It is also an ideal way to burn stubborn arm fat.

For beginners, add the close grip bench press to your workout routine, as it is friendly for beginners looking to strengthen their upper body and is quite easily adaptable. However, it is recommended you seek advice from a personal trainer.


  1. Begin by lying down on a bench and grabbing a bar while your hands are positioned shoulder-width apart
  2. After this, hold it directly over your chest and slowly lower it down until you feel it on your chest.
  3. After doing so, bring it back to the starting position and continue this procedure for as many reps and sets as you are comfortable with.


This exercise mainly targets your triceps muscles and your chest and shoulder muscles. Using this method can prove very beneficial to people willing to increase their overall strength in these specific areas.

Furthermore, Most people have the goal of increasing muscle size, and this exercise aids that goal quite a bit, helping increase your triceps and chest muscle sizes.

How is it done?

  1. Dumbbell / Barbell /Cable Skull Crusher

The Skull Crusher is another exercise that targets your triceps and is a good arm workout for beginners. It can be performed with a cable machine and with dumbbells, too, if you please. The skull crusher is considered an excellent way for beginners to gain muscle size and overall strength.


  1. Begin this exercise by aligning your shoulders with your wrists and grabbing the barbell or dumbbells
  2. Next, you must slowly lower the barbells or dumbbells down while making sure to stretch your triceps as much as you can
  3. Now slowly bring the barbell of dumbbells back up and repeat this process


A cable skull crusher may be a more complicated workout method than a dumbbell skull crusher. It can be a better arm workout as it provides more tension at the top of reps.

A dumbbell skull crush may feel comfortable, but a cable skull crusher will help achieve your goal of increased strength and bigger muscle size faster.

Precautions to take

With all of these beginner arm exercises, it is essential to keep in mind that beginners making these exercises part of their new workout routine must focus on building muscle and rest.

It is vital to provide time for your muscles to heal and take a break. That is why it is important to rest after a set of reps.

Want to know how it's done?

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Overhead Extension

Although it can also be done using a cable machine, an overhead extension is more popularly known as the dumbbell overhead extension. It is an excellent dumbbell arm workout for beginners. You can perform this with two dumbbells or just one dumbbell.

If you go to a gym, it is customary to see people doing bicep curls or other exercises that focus the biceps. Still, it is rare to see people doing overhead extensions to target the triceps.


  1. The most common way to do this exercise is using dumbbells; therefore, grab a dumbbell and hold it above your head using both your hands while gripping it tightly so that it does not fall.
  2. Slowly bring the dumbbell down, lowering it behind your neck while applying the pressure on your elbows. 
  3. After this, go back into the starting position and repeat as many times as you want

Things to consider in this dumbbell arm workout

Like many basic arm exercises involving dumbbells or cables, keeping even the smallest details relating to posture and method is essential. Every little detail such as feet shoulder-width, slight bend, and the way you stand can make a difference in how arm muscles are affected.


Overhead extensions are an excellent way for beginners to strengthen their arms, as this exercise helps shape and tone your upper arms. Like all the other workouts mentioned above, this targets your triceps and shoulders.

If you make this a part of your beginner arms workout routine, it will help you accomplish your goals of increasing strength, size, and muscle mass.

Check out this method.

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Front Raise

A front raise can be performed with a cable or a pair of dumbbells, the main target is your shoulders. This shoulder exercise is performed using cables instead of dumbbells in most cases.


  1. You must stand on your feet flat, with your hands in front of your shoulders, and hold the bar or hold dumbbells.
  2. Raise the bar, making sure that your arms are not bending, and keep your arms straight. You should avoid using your legs and knees to lift the weight.
  3. Continue raising the bar until it is at shoulder height or shoulder level.
  4. Then continue to repeat the process after returning to the starting position.

The amount of weight and reps should depend on what you feel comfortable with.

A great example below:

  1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise is one of the most well-known arm workout exercises. It involves a pair of dumbbells and is excellent for your shoulders and biceps. Lateral raises help increase the strength in your shoulder area and increase shoulder width while also making it look more toned and built.

Lateral raises are one of the few upper arms exercises you can perform along with your daily tasks without going to the gym if you have a pair of dumbbells at home and are ready to lift them without any hesitation.


  1. Hold the pair of dumbbells with your palms facing in and your feet planted firmly into the ground while keeping your head straight.
  2. After this, raise your arms together and make sure one arm is not above or below the other. After stretching your arms out, Pause.
  3. Raise your dumbbells, keeping your arms straight until you form a 'T-shape' with your body. Pause and hold this position for a second or two.
  4. Slowly lower your arms and then repeat this motion once you return to the starting position for as many repetitions as you are comfortable.

An example of how it is done

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Upright Row

The standing upright row is a great beginner workout for your shoulders. It is often combined with a back or shoulder workout as it targets both the body parts. Beginners can perform this exercise as they can choose whatever weight suits them fit, along with the number of reps and sets.


  1. Grab two dumbbells with the palms facing forward while they rest on top of your thighs, and you are to keep your arms extended with a little bit of a bend to your elbows.
  2. Lift the dumbbells as you breathe out and continue to move them in an upwards motion using your elbows
  3. Now slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position and repeat the motion while maintaining your breathing.

Want a better understanding? Check this out!

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl exercises are also widely popular with beginners looking to strengthen their arms and grow the size of their arms. A hammer curl can be done using dumbbells, barbells, and cables.

They usually target your bicep area, help them stand out more, and help them gain more mass.


  1. Stand with your fit apart from each other and hold a weight of your liking in each hand
  2. Create a 90-degree angle with your elbow as you raise the weight
  3. bring both your wrists towards your shoulders while holding the weight
  4. after this is completed, slowly lower down the dumbbells to hip height and continue the motion to repeatIf you worry about your health but do not have any , this guide is for you as it presents you with some of the most basic and well-known arm exercises that will help you stay healthy and fit and help strengthen your arm while making it look good at the same time.

    Check out this workout:

  1. Dumbbell/Barbell/Cable Biceps Curl

A Bicep curl is one of the most used ways of exercising your arms and building up your biceps. You can do a Bicep curl through many different methods, such as using a cable machine and the most popular way, using a dumbbell.

A bicep curl works the muscles in your arms when you pick something up or add any sort of weight to it. Therefore bicep curls make that specific group of muscle stronger, thus increasing the strength in your arms.

Want to learn how it is done?


If you worry about your health but do not have any , this guide is for you as it presents you with some of the most basic and well-known arm exercises that will help you stay healthy and fit and help strengthen your arm while making it look good at the same time.

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