BTS Jungkook Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Updated on  February 26, 2023

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Member of one of the most popular boy bands in the history of K-pop and even the world, Jungkook is always on the road and constantly performing but has a physique that always manages to turn heads.

His lean and muscular physique and exceptional dance moves have made many a part of his now never-ending fandom and popularity.

You may expect him to spend hours lifting insane weights almost every day in the gym. However, that is far from true. He may spend a substantial amount of his time working out, but it is not the type of generic workout routine one might expect.

BTS Jungkook's workout routine consists of mostly bodyweight exercises, and he even carries a set of dumbbells with him whenever he is touring. Furthermore, the BTS Jungkook diet plan is also quite strict and well structured to get the most out of his workout routine.

Jungkook's body physique has many fitness lovers interested as they are surprised at how BTS Jungkook gained so much muscle ever since his debut as a K-pop star. It is said that the BTS Jungkook workout routine looks very normal and easy. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

Many people have reported that BTS Jungkook prefers to keep his muscle mass up and avoid gaining weight, making his diet plan even more strict and free of any types of cheat meals.

BTS Jungkook Diet Plan

Unlike other countries, South Korean cuisine is much healthier, making it easier for South Korean people to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

Some of Jungkook's most liked foods to eat include:


Kimchi is a traditional dish of South Korea. It is considered an excellent dish for people to eat if they want to lose weight or decrease their overall calorie intake. It is low-fat and low-calorie, and relatively healthy because it contains high volumes of vitamins and antioxidants.


Korean people prefer to eat rice in the form of rice noodles as it is a reasonably light snack and is paired with many different types of dishes. Like regular rice, they also contain fiber, which is quite beneficial for your health as it helps digestion.


Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish and one of the favorite dishes of the k pop star. Bulgogi is a dish made of barbecued beef and is good as it helps keep your carb count low.

Galbi Tang

Another traditional Korean meal, Galbi tang, is a beef rib stew that is very liked by the k pop star.

BTS Jungkook meal plan

Jungkook's daily diet plan consists of three meals and a small snack. The k pop icon has been very vocal about how much he cares about his diet and is very careful with what he puts in his body.

He meets all of his nutritional needs with his diet plan. His meals begin with meal number 1:

Meal 1: Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, as it is necessary to be fueled up with energy to continue the day.

With a tough schedule, such as dance practice throughout the day and live performances or going on tour with the group, Jungkook needs to be energetic and ready to go through his day.

BTS Jungkook keeps his diet plan as friendly and suited to his physique as possible. Therefore, skipping the egg yolks can be pretty fatty while eating the less fatty and lower cholesterol egg whites in an omelet.

The meal itself consists of:

Chicken Sausage


Fresh juice

Whole-grain bread

Meal 2: Lunch

Since Jungkook has a rigorous diet plan and avoids any types of cheat meals or meals that may affect his physique negatively to even the slightest extent, his meals are relatively simple.

Jungkook's lunch meal is very simple and easy to make for all the fans looking to follow their favorite stars' diet plan.

The meal consists of:

Chicken breast or salmon

olive oil



The K-pop star prefers to have soup as a snack, nothing fancy or heavy, just a light bowl of soup.

The soup is very healthy as it contains rice noodles, which are very light and don't contain many calories. It also contains boiled vegetables and green onions with a chicken broth base.

Meal 4: Dinner

For dinner, the BTS idol keeps it simple but can sometimes have the meat in the form of some of his favorite Korean dishes, such as bulgogi.

The meal consists of:

Any meat such as fish or beef



Now that we have discussed how Jungkook maintains his chiseled physique through his diet plan, we would like to talk about his workout routine, including what exercises he does to keep his upper body and lower body muscular and lean.

BTS Jungkook Workout Routine

For those wondering what type of workout routine Jungkook goes through to maintain his impressive physique, it is made up of two different significant parts.

To obtain a physique like the BTS star, it is essential to note that doing both are necessary.

The first part of the Jungkook workout routine consists of:

Bodyweight Exercises

The Jungkook workout routine involving bodyweight exercises consists of 10 different exercises that will target your core, low body, and upper body while showing no mercy to your muscles and giving them a proper burn.

The 10 different Exercises Include:

20 Squats
  • Squats are one of the most well known and easy to perform exercises and can be done the following way:

  • Keep your body steady and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to get into the starting position.

  • Now push back your hips and bend as low as you can while bending your knees.

  • Now slowly lift while applying all the pressure to your feet.

  • Make sure your torso region is uptight, and repeat this exercise for 20 reps.

10 push-ups

Many of us are well aware of what a push-up is and have performed them at least once. The proper method to do a push up is:

  • To get into the starting position, one must kneel while pushing their feet back and keeping their legs straight. Your hands must be under your shoulders.

  • Gradually bend the elbows and lower your body while keeping your back straight and make sure not to let your torso touch the ground, keeping it a few inches above the ground level.

  • Come back to the starting position and do this following exercise again ten times while ensuring your back is straight and your posture is correct.

20 jump squats

jump squats are pretty similar to regular squats as they involve the same steps and the same postures required to do a regular squat, with a few extra steps that make this exercise much harder and more effective

  • The steps to performing jump squats properly are:

  • Push back your hips and bend as low as you can while bending your knees

  • Now while applying pressure to your quads and hamstrings, slowly jump up a few inches into the air and then slowly lower back into a squat

  • After doing so, repeat the same procedure 20 times.

20 pike push-ups

A proper pike push up can be done the following way:

  • Begin by getting into a push-up position as mentioned above while keeping your body in a straight line

  • slowly lift your hips backward and upwards while forming a 'V' shape with your body

  • Now lower your body towards the ground while applying pressure and bending your elbows.

  • And lastly, slowly extend your body upwards, go back into the starting position, and then repeat pike push-ups 20 times.

10 elbow to hands planks

The elbow to hand plank is somewhat similar to the traditional plank and is done through the following steps:

  • A plank position is quite similar to a push-up position. Therefore you must get into a push-up position while ensuring your body is in a straight line.

  • Steadily lift your left hand, and instead of placing your left hand on the ground under your shoulder, place your elbow under your left shoulder.

  • Repeat the same step but use your right elbow instead of your right hand.

  • Now you must repeat the entire process 10 times.20 mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are a great shoulders workout and excellent for your ab muscles. The proper way to perform mountain climber is:

  • Start by getting into the same position as you would to perform push-ups.

  • Now you must steadily lift your left leg and bring it towards your chest while making sure your body stays steady.

  • After doing this, return to the starting position and do the same step using your right leg and then continue this entire process 20 times.

15 burpees

burpees are one of the more complex exercises as it involves several steps but can be done quickly if you follow the step by step guide below:

  • Begin by being in a standing position in a shoulder-width stance and lower your body while performing a squat using the steps to perform a squad mentioned above

  • While getting to the bottom of the squat, lower your hands on the floor, keeping them under your feet.

  • Now, while placing all the pressure and weight on your arms, kick your feet backward to end up in the same stance as you would while performing push-ups.

  • Then perform a push-up and after doing so, jump as high as you can while keeping your arms extended upwards.

  • After doing so, get back into the starting position and continue doing this 15 times.

20 crunches

Crunches are a very well known exercise that targets your abdominal muscles and are very simple to perform:

  • Lay down on a smooth surface such as a yoga mat or an exercise mat.

  • Place your feet flat on the ground while bending your legs towards your knees.

  • Then, tuck your hands below your neck.

  • Now raise your torso towards your knees until it is perpendicular to the floor and steadily go back down and repeat this entire process 20 times.20 leg raises

  • Begin by lying on your back on a smooth surface and keep your legs completely straight

  • After this, raise your legs upwards while ensuring they are straight until your butt is no longer on the floor.

  • After doing so, very slowly come back into the starting position and continue to repeat this process 20 times15 superman

  • Begin by lying face down on a smooth surface such as a yoga mat

  • Then try to lift your upper body and lower body upward slowly and steadily while making sure you are not straining your muscles too much.

  • After lifting them into the air, remain in that position for one second, bring them back downwards, and continue this process 15 times.

This may have already begun to seem very challenging, but that was only one-half of Jungkook's workout routine. The other half of Jungkook's workout routine includes:

Cardio phase

Cardio is a huge part of the star's workout routine as well. However, he does not get his cardio done in a typical fashion, most of his cardio is done during dance practice which he has to take part in on almost a daily basis, and this can be anywhere from 2-3 hours long.


In conclusion, Jungkook serves as a great example of maintaining a good physique just by maintaining a good diet and performing exercises anywhere, whether you are on the road or are at home without fancy equipment.

We have seen him become an absolute all-rounder on stage in terms of his singing skills, dancing skills, and highly well-built physique, which has even received recognition from the famous Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds.

Jungkook is an inspiration to many, and we can learn how to follow in his footsteps through his diet and workout routine.

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