David Goggin’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Updated on  February 26, 2023

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David Goggins is a triathlete, ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, motivational speaker, and Guinness World Record holder. He had been associated with the US Armed Forces as a Navy SEAL. His navy services and sports achievements speak volumes of his dedication to work and fitness.

That’s why he is an amazing inspiration and role model for many celebrities, colleagues, and fans who want to lose weight and get into their dream body shape.

We have collated his unique workout routine and diet plan in this article from his interviews, quotes, and public speaking videos. So, read till the end to gain insight into his weight loss journey, crazy routine, eating habits, and much more.

Why David Goggins Lost Weight

Before we dig into Goggins's workout routine, let’s briefly look at the story behind his success and fitness. One fine day, he was watching tv at home and saw an ad that got him inspired by US Forces. He went straight to the special forces training office and showed an urge to join the Navy SEAL.

At that time, he was a 24-yr old, 300-pound big fat man with huge muscles. Because of his unfit body, the officers rejected him and told him that he could join if he would be 100 pounds less than that.

As a motivational speaker, David Goggins once said, “I do not stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” He also practically proved this by losing 106 pounds in just three months.

Eventually, he became a part of Army Ranger School and Navy SEAL and also managed to participate in endurance sports with great zeal. He also arranged charity funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, one of his most outstanding achievements.

David Goggins completed Navy SEAL training and made several changes in his lifestyle. Being a motivational speaker, he always advises youth to rectify eating patterns and plan a strategic full-body workout routine to get a fit body.

These crazy workout routines also helped him develop mental toughness and get rid of depression. Today, he is recognized as the most formidable man alive. He also enjoys being the Guinness World Record holder for doing most pull-ups in 24 hours.

David Goggins’s Daily Routine

David Goggins planned a strenuous workout and careful diet plan to fit the fitness criteria set by US Navy SEALS. He not only believes in hard work but also emphasizes the importance of endurance in his motivational videos and interviews.

He wakes up at 3 am and starts his day with a running session in which he covers a distance of about 10 to 15 miles every day. Then he takes a shower and goes biking for a distance of about 25 miles. Amid all this, he does not eat anything and remains on intermittent fasting.

After having oatmeal for breakfast, he leaves for work on a bike. Mostly, he does not eat lunch and chooses to go on intermittent fasting during lunchtime. He rides about 25 miles to the workplace and 25 miles back home. On the whole, he bikes 50 miles a day.

He also runs 10 to 15 miles before going to work and 3 to 5 miles after working hours in his favorite running shoes. Sometimes, he runs 3 to 5 miles during lunch break. In numerous interviews, he has shared that he does not like swimming, running, and biking but still never skips these activities for a single day.

According to him, only 40% of energy and stamina have been consumed by the human body when we think we are done. He wants to convey a message that we are still productive when we feel exhausted. It’s up to us how we utilize the rest of the 60% energy.

David Goggins Workout Routine

David Goggins prefers a vigorous workout schedule to stay fit, active, and healthy. Moreover, he has been very punctual in his workout routine since he completed Navy SEAL training. Whether it rains or shines, he makes sure the workout routine continues as planned.

He has divided his total workout into various sessions that he performs at different times of the day. Since he is a runner and retired Navy SEAL, he focuses on every body part and performs separate workouts for each. Let’s discuss those workouts one by one for better understanding.

Bodyweight Exercises

David Goggins attains mental toughness through weighted exercises and a bodyweight routine. His strength training involves lifting heavy weights, which lasts for about 90 minutes. Then he does a bodyweight routine that looks like this:

  • Push-ups – 5 sets, 25 reps
  • Deadlift – 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Lunges – 3 sets, 12 reps
  • Pull-ups – 3 sets, 5 reps
  • Squats – 5 sets, 5 reps

According to David Goggins, a bodyweight routine helps boost stamina, gain muscle mass, and increase flexibility and endurance. That’s why a bodyweight workout is an integral part of David Goggins's daily routine. He is the only person who holds the Guinness World Record for attempting most pull-ups in 24 hours.

Chest Workout and Cardio Routine

For the chest workout, David Goggins performs the following:

  • Bench press – 5 sets, 15 reps
  • Dumbbell flyes – 5 sets, 15 reps
  • Cable cross – 5 sets, 15 reps
  • Dumbbell press – 5 sets, 15 reps
  • Chest press – 5 sets, 15 reps

David Goggins's full-body workout routine would be incomplete without a cardio routine. He swims, bikes 50 miles, performs jumping jacks, and runs about 20 miles regularly to improve the breathing ability required for long-distance running.

Shoulder Workout Routine

Like every body part, the shoulders must also be in good condition to help the runner run with full potential and mobility. So, if you are looking for an appropriate shoulder workout plan, you can consider the one regularly performed by David Goggins.

Usually, it includes 4 to 5 sets comprising 8 to 15 reps of military press, shrugs, lateral raise, and Arnold dumbbell press. Goggins's workout routine will strengthen your upper body, enabling you to survive intense weight-lifting workouts.

Back Workout Routine

Those who are having back issues should follow David Goggins's workout routine. He carries out 4 to 5 sets consisting of 8 to 15 reps of cable rows, deadlift, push-ups, back lat pushdowns, one-arm dumbbell row, close grip lat pulldowns, and back lat pushdowns.

Arm and Leg Workout Routine

Ignoring arm and leg exercises can cost a runner the worst experience. Therefore, very effective arm and leg workout plans are included in Goggins's workout routine.

The arm workout routine includes 5 sets encompassing 15 reps of bicep curls, triceps kickback, triceps extension, and isolation curls. Both your arms should be able to move freely when running.

For legs, David Goggins does 5 sets and 15 reps of calf raise, leg curls, squats, walking lunges, leg extension, leg press, and stiff-leg deadlifts.

Core Workout Routine

While following Goggins's workout routine for different body parts, let's not forget the core muscles. To improve stability, balance, and core strength, David Goggins has scheduled a proper workout plan for the core area.

  • Swiss ball obliques – 2 sets, 25 reps
  • V-ups - 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Broomstick obliques – 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Russian sit-ups – 4 sets, 10 reps

Extensive Stretching Routine

Almost 3 to 4 hours of Goggins workout routine are dedicated to regular stretching. By doing regular stretching, Goggins prepares himself for an intense routine.

David Goggins Diet Plan

If you want to be an unbeatable fitness champ, follow David Goggins's workout routine along with his diet plan.

Diet Plan


The breakfast menu is minimal. It mainly includes eggs and coffee or steel-cut oatmeal and blueberries. Before breakfast, he completes his swimming and bikes for about 25 miles.

Keto Diet

David Goggins's diet has been utterly ketogenic since joining Army Ranger School. He needs extra energy to cope with his strenuous training routine. Therefore, he consumes proteins and healthy fats, such as cheese, eggs, butter, and healthy cold-pressed oils in additional amounts.


After having eggs for breakfast, he takes a long break from food. Sometimes, he skips lunch and spends lunch break performing a cardio routine. If he is in the mood to have lunch, he usually eats turkey, eggs, avocado, veggies, chicken breast, or salad. 


This motivational speaker takes pre-dinner meal fruits as a source of healthy nutrients. When it’s 8:30, he eats dinner consisting of pork and veggies.

David Goggins's diet plan table is free from unhealthy fats, alcohol, artificial, refined, processed, hydrogenated, sugary, and junk food. Instead, he takes vitamin supplements and protein shake to meet his body’s nutritional requirements. 


If you're following David Goggins, the workout schedule is not as easy as it seems to be. His fitness standards are pretty high, but the results are guaranteed. As a retired Navy SEALS, David Goggins's approach is to maintain discipline, determination, and mental strength.

The keto diet and full-body workout routine worked as a fat-burning machine in David Goggins's pre-Navy SEALS life. The Navy SEAL training routine made his body lean and healthy. Walking lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, Russian sit-ups, workout deadlift, cardio routine, swiss ball obliques, pull-ups, burpees, V-ups, and jumping jacks are mandatory in David Goggins's daily routine.

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