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Our equipment is designed just for you.

Your personalized strength-training program starts now. Our air-driven equipment is easy on your joints and it’s smart enough to track all your progress. Our balance training and equipment keeps you standing strong. And our aerobic equipment strengthens your heart. Meanwhile, our inspired staff works with you along the way.

Our staff is committed entirely to you.

Your Welcyon fitness coaches focus on your strength, inside and out. They work with you to develop a custom program that works just for you. Whatever your level of functionality, from deconditioned to actively fit, Welcyon accommodates your needs and helps you stay strong. Your custom program includes stretching routines, strength building, balance training, and aerobic exercise. All designed especially for you. Read more about our exceptional fitness equipment from HUR.

So get strong. Feel proud. And stay confident. Take a moment to believe in yourself. Then take a lifetime to enjoy every moment.


Falling down causes 90% of hip fractures in aging adults. And nearly two million older adults receive treatment in emergency rooms because of falls every year. Strength training builds muscle. And when you’re strong, your balance is better.
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