Blue Star Blade Review: Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

Updated on  February 25, 2023
William Toro

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Fact Checked by: Bridget MacDonald, RDN

To gain a lean body, many bodybuilders supplement their workouts and diets with fat-burning supplements.

However, there is an overwhelming number of these supplements on the market, which makes finding the most effective one challenging.

One fat burner created specifically for men is Blade by Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

The manufacturer claims that Blade helps accelerate weight loss goals. It fights hunger, significantly increases thermogenesis—the process during which calories are burned and converted into energy—and also inhibits the formation of new fat cells.

To verify this information, I studied Blade's ingredients and customer reviews, and the company itself, for over a week.

Keep reading my Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade review to see the results of our research.

Quick Summary

Blue Star Blade photo

The Blade fat burner allows you to improve your weight loss results when combined with training and a specific nutritional plan.

The supplement reduces the body's ability to store fat and inhibits the formation of new fat cells.

Blade contains two essential fat-burning substances: sweet pepper and green tea extract. Sweet pepper increases thermogenesis, and when combined with green tea extract, it increases the number of calories burned during exercise. We'll talk more about this in the Ingredients section.

In addition, Blade provides energy, improves focus, and lifts mood thanks to the presence of caffeine.

But be aware that the supplement contains a high dose of caffeine that exceeds the recommended daily dose of 400 mg. [1]

This increases the risk of side effects such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations, and digestive problems.

Large amounts of caffeine suppress appetite, but the company could use other supplements such as nopal cactus extract or glucomannan. [23] Those ingredients can help control hunger more mildly than caffeine and are used by many other fat-burner manufactures.

Also, we found ingredients in Blade that have not been clinically proven to be effective.

If you are looking for a fat burner without those disadvantages, you could try an alternative product—PhenQ.

It has the same fat-burning action as Blade but contains nopal to make it more effective. When it comes to caffeine, PhenQ has just a little over half of what Blade contains.

PhenQ contains only proven ingredients and is manufactured in the US and UK in GMP and FDA-approved facilities.

Find out more about PhenQ now.


Blade by Blue Star Nutraceuticals is specially designed for men. It helps you achieve your desired results faster and keep them longer.

Blade's slogan, "24 hour fat burning," was chosen by the manufacturer for a reason. This supplement is designed to work even when you are sleeping or relaxing.

Blade works to burn fat, reduce the body's ability to retain fat, and inhibit the formation of new fat cells.

But this does not mean you can forgo training and a good nutrition plan.

Blade also provides energy, increases metabolism, and improves mood.

The company's website states that it develops each formula independently, then produces them at a certified GMP facility and tests for quality in third-party laboratories.

Status is another popular weight loss supplement from Blue Star Nutraceuticals. It is aimed at increasing testosterone and, as a result, muscle mass. This helps fight body fat.

But Status does not contain the fat-fighting ingredients commonly used in fat burners. Blade contains ingredients that increase thermogenesis and are aimed at improving athletic performance.

Note that Blade does not include the most effective ingredients. We'll talk about this in more detail in the The Ingredients section of this review.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals is located in Belleville, ON, Canada. It has been manufacturing food supplements since 2007, and its sales volume is $35.93 million per year.


  • Reputable Seller- Jacked Factory
  • Affordable
  • Good Customer Reviews
  • Clinically-proven Ingredients
  • Easy availability and Worldwide shipping
  • Transparent Labels


  • Some key fat burning ingredients missing
  • No B Vitamins
  • Heavy on Caffeine
  • High on stimulants

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner

Fat burners boost metabolism, prevent fat from being absorbed into tissues, suppress hunger, increase activity, and provide energy for training. [4]

These supplements are used by athletes, bodybuilders, and those who want to have a slim, chiseled figure.

But fat burners don't make things super easy. For a fat burner to work, you still need to exercise and follow a diet plan.

It is worth noting that pregnant and lactating women, as well as people under 18, should refrain from taking fat burner supplements. And before taking a fat burner, always discuss with your doctor.

How do fat burners work?

You should choose a fat burner based on how it mainly works:

Decreases appetite and sugar cravings, suppresses hunger;

Interferes with fat absorption; or

Burns stored fat for energy.

Each of these main actions of the supplement is determined by the ingredients that make up the composition.


When buying a fat burner, the ingredients play an important role. The best options contain substances with proven effectiveness for weight loss.

And always check to make sure there are no ingredients that are incompatible with other medicines or supplements you're taking.

If the manufacturer hides the ingredients or dosages, it is best to look for another product. Without clear information about ingredients, you won't be able to verify effectiveness or safety.

Customer Reviews

If a fat burner works, then it will probably have a lot of positive customer reviews.

From the reviews, you can find out what results people have achieved, what side effects they have experienced, and much more.

For this overarching review, we have already done the work of investigating positive and negative customer reviews. This can be found in the Social Proof & Customer Reviews section.

The Ingredients


Yohimbine HCl

This is a dietary supplement made from the bark of an African evergreen tree. It is believed that by blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in fat cells, yohimbine can lead to a decrease in body fat and weight.

Several studies have confirmed its effectiveness and have shown that taking this supplement leads to increased weight loss. [56] However, some studies have found that yohimbine HCl does not have a fat-burning effect. [78]


p-Synephrine HCl

This protoalkaloid is found in citrus fruits and is a bitter orange extract. It is believed to increase energy production and improve athletic performance, as well as help with appetite control.

Research has shown that p-Synephrine accelerates fat oxidation, but only with intense training. [9]

However, it has been associated with side effects such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure. [10]


CH-19 Sweet Pepper - 0.75% Capsiate

This ingredient increases thermogenesis and energy consumption. [11]


Green Tea Extract

This ingredient increases the number of calories your body burns through thermogenesis.

It also enhances antioxidant defenses against oxidative damage caused by exercise. This allows you to exercise and recover better. [12]


Caffeine Anhydrous

This is a nervous system stimulant that energizes, relieves drowsiness, and improves concentration.

Thanks to its stimulating effect, it improves athletic performance and suppresses appetite, which is confirmed by many studies. [13]



This ingredient helps the body convert fat into energy by transporting fatty acids to cells where they are burned. One can assume it helps with weight loss, but the evidence from scientific research is ambiguous about this. [14]

Also, acetyl-L-carnitine may be beneficial during workouts as it can improve recovery, increase the oxygen supply to muscles, reduce post-exercise pain, and improve endurance.

It can also improve memory and reduce fatigue and depression.


BioPerine Black Pepper

This is a black pepper extract that contains at least 95% piperine.

It can help with inflammation after injury, as well as with joint diseases such as arthritis.

Black pepper extract has also been shown to help lower blood sugar and improve heart health. [15]



This is a mixture of two ingredients: the roots of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus.

The roots can increase energy and the ability to exercise, and also reduce muscle pain after exercise. They can also help strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. [1617]

Notable Features

How It Works

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade significantly increases thermogenesis thanks to its high concentration of norepinephrine, which accelerates the breakdown of fat and also helps to curb appetite. This fat-burning mechanism has been proven to be effective. [18]

In addition, Blade helps deliver fat to the mitochondria in muscle cells, which are the main sites for fat burning.

It inhibits enzymes that are responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body's cells. This way, fewer fat cells are produced in your body.

XD Delivery Technology

This is a special technology that slows down the rate at which the supplement passes through the intestines. This prolongs the exposure time of each ingredient and increases absorption.

Benefits of Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade


The main ingredients in Blade have been clinically tested in humans.

This is expensive research that requires a lot of time and a highly skilled research team.

This process is very important, as it allows you to ensure you can get the results claimed by the manufacturer.

Reputable brand

Blue Star Nutraceuticals has been on the market since 2007 and has proven itself well in the health and fitness industry.

On its website, Blue Star Nutraceuticals claims to produce research-backed and award-winning supplements.

The company's products are very popular and have a lot of positive reviews. The supplements are used by athletes and fitness professionals.


Blade contains extracts of sweet pepper and green tea. These support metabolism and inhibit the growth of new fat cells.

Caffeine improves focus, energizes, relieves drowsiness and fatigue, and speeds up metabolism.

And Blue Star Nutraceuticals provides information on the exact doses of ingredients in Blade.

This is important if you want to be sure you are not exceeding your daily intake of certain ingredients.

Drawbacks of Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade

Blade suppresses appetite, but it does so by using large amounts of caffeine. Unfortunately, it does not contain nopal or glucomannan, which can help control hunger.
The high caffeine content per serving can cause side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, indigestion, and nausea.
The ingredient yohimbine HCl is banned in some countries due to potentially dangerous side effects.
Not all ingredients in the supplement have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Social Proof & Customer Reviews

When you study a product, you should never ignore the reviews from consumers who have tried it themselves.

After reviewing the product in detail, our team went to Amazon for more information. Here's what we found:

Some Satisfied Customers

Most users are satisfied with the product and their results.

They write that they noticed effects after a few days of use, felt a surge of energy and strength, were able to increase their efficiency, and also noted a decrease in appetite.

Some Dissatisfied Customers

But among the many positive reviews, we couldn't ignore those in which people discuss the side effects of using Blade.

Customers note that they experienced a rapid heartbeat, severe anxiety, heartburn, nausea, and abdominal discomfort.

All this is a consequence of the large dose of caffeine that the fat burner contains—450 mg per day if you take 4 capsules per day as suggested. The recommended daily dose of caffeine for adults is only 400 mg per day.

This means that even if you do not consume other caffeine-containing products, you still have a high risk of a caffeine overdose.

Although Blade has many positive reviews from users, some facts—especially about side effects—prevent us from recommending it to you as the best fat burner.

If you do not want to deal with side effects, but do want to effectively lose weight, then there is a great alternative—the PhenQ fat burner.

PhenQ has the same convenient dosage regimen—twice a day; one capsule with breakfast and one with lunch.

PhenQ gives you only 200 mg of caffeine per day. That's enough to get all of its benefits, such as increased energy, reduced fatigue, and appetite suppression.

PhenQ aims to burn fat throughout the body. It contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective against obesity.

It can be purchased at a bargain price with your 3 and 5-month stock purchase, and PhenQ has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Dosage & How to Take

One bottle of Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade fat burner contains 120 capsules and is designed for a month of use.

Blue Star suggests taking 2 capsules on waking and 2 capsules at mid-afternoon.

The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement no later than 5 hours before bedtime to avoid insomnia. Also, do not take more than 4 capsules per day.

Start with 1 capsule a day to assess whether the supplement is right for you or not.

Guarantee & Returns

The fat burner comes with a 60-day manufacturer's warranty. You may return the product in any condition within this timeframe of purchase for a full refund.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy Blade is the manufacturer's website. This way you can be sure that you are getting a quality product and will not receive a cheap fake.

You can also find this fat burner at online stores like Walmart and Amazon.

The price for one bottle of the supplement is $69.99.

Is Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Worth It?

Blade is a fat burner specifically designed for men. The company claims that Blade is the most powerful supplement and can help you lose weight quickly, shed excess fat, and get long-lasting results.

This is important because being overweight can raise the risk of many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, depression and anxiety, body pain, and difficulty with physical activity. [19]


Blade aims to decrease appetite and increase thermogenesis, which converts calories into energy.

It contains ingredients that burn fat, reduce the body's ability to retain fat, and inhibit the formation of new fat cells.

It also provides energy, increases metabolism, and improves mood.

The company's website states that it develops each formula independently, then produces them at a certified GMP facility and tests for quality in third-party laboratories.

In addition, Blade has many positive reviews from people who have used it. They talk about its effectiveness and the noticeable results that they could not achieve until they started taking Blade.

But several factors are troubling.


Blade contains a high dose of caffeine and has been linked to a myriad of side effects that people have noted in their reviews.

It also contains the ingredient yohimbine HCl, which is banned in some countries due to possible side effects that are dangerous to the body.

Therefore, for those who are looking for an even more effective and safe way to lose weight or achieve a chiseled physique, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the PhenQ fat burner.

Its caffeine dosage is just over half that of Blade's and it does not have any significant side effects.

PhenQ burns stored fat by increasing your body's metabolic and thermogenic processes and blocks fat production to stop weight gain.

It contains the ingredient nopal, which suppresses appetite and helps control hunger.

PhenQ also boosts energy levels, improves mood, and helps you cope with the irritability caused by dieting.

Most importantly, it contains only proven ingredients and is manufactured in the US and UK in GMP and FDA-approved facilities.

Find out more about PhenQ now.

Comparison: Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Vs PhenQ

Blue Star Blade photo

Good brand reputation

Aimed at burning fat throughout the body

Manufacturer indicates the exact doses of ingredients

60-day return guarantee

Contains clinically tested green tea extract

Contains caffeine to boost energy 

Caffeine dose poses a high risk of side effects

Contains yohimbine HCl, which is banned in some countries

Contains nopal to control hunger

Helps curb sugar and carbohydrate cravings with chromium picolinate

Low risk of side effects

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians





Riddhi Rayekar ‧ Nutritionist & Health Coach

Riddhi is a certified nutritionist with more than a decade of experience of changing people's lives with nutrition and diet. She love to help people with clients to achieve their personal goals. 


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