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Updated on  February 26, 2023


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I often see people painstakingly searching whether a protein powder is paleo or not, and ending up getting disappointed as information is quite ambiguous and obscure online. 

Not going to lie, even I had to fine-comb loads of blogs, journals, research papers, etc., to finally understand what it means for a protein powder to be 'Paleo'.

Many of those who follow a paleo diet are in search of protein powders that do not hinder the effects of their diet plan in the first place. I followed the same set of rules when I took it up to myself to check for the paleo friendly protein powders for myself.

Finally, I came up with a list of some of the best paleo protein powders on the market, which will help you build muscle without letting you lose out on the benefits of a diligent paleo diet routine. 

Proteinseries Collagen Hydrolysate

Hydrolyzed collagen peptide protein powder that gives all-round nourishment to connective tissues of the body. 

Key Features

• Pure hydrolyzed collagen

• Excellent effects on skin, hair, and nail health

• Joint and muscle protection

#2nd Best Choice

Beef Protein Isolate

High-quality protein powder made with beef flesh and does not contain any throwaway parts of a cow, thus, is a pure protein isolate. 

Key Features

• Provides tons of amino acids

• Enhances lean body mass

• No carbs or fat content

Authentic Iso by Jacked Factory

Authentic Iso is a delightfully delicious low-fat, low-carb protein powder made with maximum-quality grass-fed whey protein.

Key Features

• High protein content per serving

• cGMP-facility certified

• Quickly absorbed and easy to digest

The Best Paleo Protein Powders

Proteinseries Collagen Hydrolysate


Protein per serving - 10g

Calories - 50 g

Carbs - 2 g

Fat - 0 g

Flavor - Chocolate

Protein Source - Bovine, Eggs, Shellfish, etc. 

Type - Hydrolysate

The consumption of hydrolyzed collagen peptides can be linked to a number of benefits besides just muscle building and recovery.

In general, collagen peptide powder is required in almost all connective tissues of the body and thus, hydrolyzed collagen peptides can help in keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy.

Overall, a nice and natural substitute for any other collagen-based protein powder that might not be paleo-friendly. 

Major Benefits:

Visible improvement in hair, skin, and nails;
Potent anti-aging benefits;
Joint support and muscle maintenance can be improved;
Gluten-free and non-GMO.


It is low on tryptophan- an essential amino acid.
Beef Protein Isolate


Protein per serving - 25g

Calories - 110 g

Carbs - 0 g

Fat - 0 g

Flavor - No added flavors

Protein Source - Beef

Type - Isolate

Beef Protein Isolate can be a great way to add variety to your protein intake alongside a paleo diet. Consuming an Isolate is always better because you eventually get a ton of amino acids without the useless by-products such as high fat or lactose.

Combined with regular resistance training, Beef Protein leads to a significant increase in lean body mass and strength. 

Major Benefits:

Excellent muscle recovery benefits;
Supports paleo diet routines;
Good for those who cannot consume dairy products due to health reasons or otherwise;
Beef is nutrient-dense. So, even the isolate is full of amino acids;
Without dairy soy and gluten.


You may not please your tongue with Beef because it has an acquired taste.
Authentic Iso by Jacked Factory


Protein per serving - 25g

Calories - 110

Carbs - 1g

Fat - 0.5g

Flavor - Vanilla, Chocolate

Protein source - Whey protein

Type - Isolate

This whey isolate protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, is ideal for those on a paleo diet. It has a high protein content—25 grams per serving—a fat content of only 0.5 grams, and a carbohydrate content of just 1 gram.

Authentic Iso is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-certified facility. The CGMP regulations ensure that Authentic Iso is both safe and effective and contains all the right ingredients at the exact doses listed on the label.

The protein is effective for muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown, and it is also rapidly absorbed.

Major Benefits:

High protein content per serving
cGMP-facility certified
Low carb and fat content
Quickly absorbed and easy to digest


A bit pricey
Contains some sugar
PaleoPro Protein Powder (Grass-Fed)


Protein per serving - 26 g

Calories - 120

Carbs - 0 g

Fat - 1 g

Flavor - Dutch Cocoa and Zero Calorie Sweetener Monk Fruit

Protein Source - Pastured Beef and Eggs

Type - Concentrated

PaleoPro Protein Powder is a Grass-fed paleo protein supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E that are usually absent in other whey protein powders. Regular whey products contain ingredients that are a great source of milk-based protein, which is commonly missing in other supplements.

With a balanced nutrient profile, PaleoPro Protein Powder is also cardio-protective and helps in keeping your heart healthy.

Lastly, it is also a safe protein supplement for women suffering from PCOS. 

Major Benefits:

Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E are bioavailable;
Boosts glutathione production;
Helps you reduce calorie intake, and when combined with regular training the PaleoPro Protein Powder reaps significant weight-loss results.


Long-term uncontrolled use may cause renal problems;
Nausea, pain, and cramping can occur during the initial course of consumption.

5. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder


Protein per serving - 20 g

Calories - 100

Carbs - 2 g

Fat - 1 g

Flavor - Chocolate

Protein Source - Bone Broth

Bone broth is an excellent source of all-round nourishment. Since every scoop of this protein powder provides 2.5 cups of bone broth, it is highly recommended for those who require the benefits of the same.

The Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder contains high-quality protein and also makes you feel fuller, therefore, you tend to eat less and eventually lose weight faster.

Bone broth contains a blend of collagen, vitamins, and minerals. 

Major Benefits:

Aids in significant weight-loss;
More convenient for storage and portability compared to actual bone broth.


The amino acids profile is not consistent. Thus, you might not get enough protein as per the body's needs;  
Contains collagen, which can be difficult to digest.
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder


Protein per serving - 18 g

Calories - 70

Carbs - 0 g

Fat - 0 g

Flavor - Unflavored

Protein Source - Grass-fed Bovine

Since the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder is made without any dairy, whey, or soy ingredients, this protein powder is evidently paleo-friendly.

It contains natural grass-fed collagen which is Pasteur-razed as well.

The addition of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C allows the mixture to give a boost to your immunity and joint health too. 

Major Benefits:

Balanced collagen profile which suits both pre and post-menopausal women;
It contains a good amount of glycine which aids in better sleep;
It improves hair and nail growth significantly;
The Hyaluronic acid content helps in keeping synovial joints healthy and fit.

Some Downsides:

The vitamin C content can be dangerous because it is synthetic;
Large and gummy lumps get formed and it dissolves with great difficulty.  

Who Can Benefit from Paleo Protein Powders

Since protein is one of the most crucial macronutrients helping in growth and repair, almost everyone can benefit from paleo protein powders.

Specifically, it can be a good supplement for the following:

Athletes and Gym-goers

Athletes and gym-goers workout more frequently, and therefore, their body needs more protein for muscle hypertrophy, repair, etc. [1] Today, many professional athletes are following a religious paleo diet for performance-related benefits, thus, they can benefit significantly from a paleo protein powder. 

Vegans and Vegetarians

Those who do not consume meat or any animal-related products at all are vulnerable to protein deficiencies. [2]

Therefore, without adequate supplementation, the body protein can fall below normal levels and lead to various systematic problems.

Although protein is found in many plant and plant-based products also, the consumption is usually not adequate enough to provide good nourishment.

So, for those who follow vegan diet routines, a balanced Paleo diet plan supplemented by a protein powder can be a good idea. 

Long-standing Cases of Illness

Instances of chronic illnesses are often associated with improper dietary intake. [3]

Balanced diet routines through a paleo diet can be a good way to start the dietary modification protocol for the management of chronic conditions.

Most of these patients progressively become weak and fragile as well, the reason they are usually advised to take a protein supplement.

Starting a controlled paleo diet and enriching it with protein powder will improve the nutrient profile very convincingly, and aid in treating the illness as well. 

Geriatric Age Group

Since muscle mass declines progressively in the elderly population and can become a source of several illnesses, it is advised to start a paleo protein supplement at the earliest for better nourishment. 

Things to Look For in a Paleo Protein Powder

The features have to be checked thoroughly to ensure that it won't hamper the outcome of your Paleo diet routines.

Keep the following things in mind while choosing the best Paleo protein powder:

Limited and Evidence-based Ingredients Only

A Paleo diet is all about eating minimally, just like our ancestors did. [4] Thus, you won't want your Paleo protein powder to derail this balance with too many ingredients.

Additionally, ensure that no artificially prepared ingredients are present in the mix.

Besides, there should be a plant-based good amount of evidence to suggest that all ingredients are good sources of protein, but also suitable for a paleo diet. 

Good Bioavailability

Not all sources of protein are equally well-absorbed in the body. Generally, plant-based proteins are less bioavailable than animal-based sources. [5]

So, it's better to use a plant-based protein powder with highest bioavailability and digestibility. Good bioavailability is important for a paleo protein to ensure that even with limited ingredients, you digest a significant portion of the total protein available. 

Pure Isolates

This point is again related to the fact that a paleo protein powders should have limited ingredients only.

For that, the manufacturing process should be efficient enough to allow every ingredient to only contain amino acids, and no other added supplement.

This way, the efficiency of a protein supplement gets enhanced. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is whey protein paleo-friendly? 

Yes, high-quality isolates of whey protein are paleo-friendly.

However, since any regular whey protein complex may contain dairy products, they are ideally not considered paleo. 


What's the ideal protein intake for a Paleo diet? 

As per ideal standards, women should take anywhere between 90 to 120 grams of protein per day, while men should take 100 to 130 grams of protein per day in a paleo diet routine.

Moreover, if you are planning to gain muscle bulk in the gym, you would require more proteins than that.


How do you use Paleo protein powders?

There's no particular way to consume a protein powder.

However, if you want to preserve the sanctity of your paleo diet routine, it is advised that you take it with water alone, and not with any flavored fluids. 


Is whey protein paleo-friendly? 

Yes, high-quality isolates of whey protein are paleo-friendly.

However, since any regular whey protein complex may contain dairy products, they are ideally not considered paleo. 

Addressing Controversies

The concept behind the Paleo diet is a center of controversy on its own.

Many critics argue that how can a modern individual be expected to follow a diet routine of a person from the paleolithic era, and even expect to get optimal results?

Moreover, talking about the use of paleo protein powders, many believe that paleo diets are essentially minimalistic in nature, therefore any supplement taken on top of a paleo diet routine is definitely a derailment from the original idea.

To clear the air around such controversies, many experts have given their opinions from time to time.

While there has been evidence of weight loss and healthy lifestyle management changes with paleo diet routines, there are also those who advocate the use of certain paleo protein powders and supplements with this diet. [6]

In general, any protein supplement which is a quality isolate and does not contain any other ingredient besides amino acids in different forms is suitable for the paleo diet.

Moreover, it was observed that the specific diet-related changes did not get altered when a paleo protein supplement was taken.

Instead, muscle gain alongside other weight loss benefits was noticed. 

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So, if you had been wondering if there is anything like a paleo-friendly protein powder, the answer is - Yes.

However, the key here is to select the right protein powders with only the ingredients which supply protein and nothing else.

If you ask me my personal favorite, it's going to be the Beef Protein Isolate by Bulk Supplements. It's a quality isolate, gives you tons of amino acids, and keeps the body fit and strong without interfering with the paleo routines. 

Of course, the Proteinseries Collagen Hydrolysate and the PaleoPro Protein Powder are not far behind, being the first and the second runners up in this race. They're good all-round supplements, are efficacious enough, and are slowly becoming popular as well. 

The main reasons why the Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth and the Vital Protein Collagen Peptides powders are at the bottom of my list is because the amino acid profile is not balanced, they are a little difficult to digest, and may have adverse effects on the kidneys. 

William Toro

William Toro ‧ CPT & Nutritionist

William is a certified personal trainer from NASM, he has also been a rehab physiologist for sports persons. He has more than 15 years of experience training people. And has featured in multiple publications like FoxNews, CNBC, Bustle, and other. 


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