How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising? Here Are 3 Steps

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If you want to lose weight, but you can't follow a diet, you are lazy or have no time to exercise, and you consider counting calories to be torture, then this article is for you.

The benefits of physical exercises for the figure are undeniable, although they are a serious test for the body. Not everyone is ready to go to the gym or run in the morning.

And laziness, breakdowns and gastronomic temptations constantly get in the way of proper diet compliance.

But you can lose weight without half-starved diets, exhausting workouts and without painful calorie counting. And also without harm to health, that is the most important thing.

3 Steps to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising

1. Reasonable, Balanced and Healthy diet.

Reasonable, Balanced and Healthy diet

A properly selected diet is not only the basis of health, but also 80% of the successful formation of a beautiful body. [1]

In order not to torment yourself with diets and exercises, but at the same time really lose weight, you need to include fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein and vegetable fats in your daily diet.


All this is contained in cereals, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, seeds and nuts, fermented dairy products, low-fat poultry and fish meat, eggs, vegetable and butter oils.

This simple set of products will allow you to prepare delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as light snacks.

What do we need for this? Just 3 simple steps that you need to start performing today!

You only need to do 3 simple steps:


Products that are mentioned in the allowed list.


Stop buying (and consuming) products from the prohibited list.


Do not eat too much.

These three basic rules will allow you to lose about 2-3 kg per month without diets and hunger strikes, steadily and without stress. That's a little, but it is reliable.

If you want the excess weight to go away forever, and not for a couple of months, you will have to give up, or significantly reduce the consumption of products such as:

Sugar, flour products, pastries, fast food, soda - all these are refined (empty) carbohydrates that are deposited in the form of fat accumulations on the body areas. [2]

Alcohol is a bad habit that dehydrates the body, slows down the process of digestion and assimilation of food, besides, provokes an increase in appetite. [3]

Fatty sauces based on mayonnaise and cream – they are full of calories.

Semi-finished products - nuggets, cutlets, dumplings, dumplings, etc. Such products contain a huge amount of trans fats, flavor enhancers, preservatives and other artificial ingredients.

Fatty and fried meat.

2. Elimination of toxins, cleansing the body

Reasonable, Balanced and Healthy diet

This is a great way to lose weight without dieting. Regular cleansing of the body of toxins will accelerate weight loss and improve the condition of the skin.

The simplest and safest methods of removing harmful substances from the body are considered to be:

1. The use of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

2. Regular consumption of salads from fresh vegetables: cabbage, beets and carrots.

3. Breakfast cereals (porridge).

4. The use of green and herbal tea.

3. Changing habits

Changing habits

Bad habits are one of the reasons for excess weight. It is not easy to refuse them, but the result will surprise you in a few weeks.

And for greater effect, it is better to replace bad habits with useful ones.

What is it about?

Smoking is one of the destabilizers of weight loss.

Late dinner just before going to bed. Eating at night is delicious, but harmful, so you need to remember that the last meal should be 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Breakfast is mandatory, and it should be dense and rich in carbohydrates.

No meals in front of the TV – it is watching something interesting that helps to increase the amount of food consumed.

An apple a day is a useful habit that will speed up your metabolism.

Contrast shower-daily increases blood circulation and as a result - accelerates the burning of extra pounds.


It is quite possible to lose weight without diets and exercises. But to do this, you will have to reconsider your usual diet and give up bad habits. It will not be easy, but the result will not be long in coming.


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