Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Updated on  February 7, 2023
Aditya Sahu

Aditya Sahu ‧ CPT & Head Coach

Aditya is an ACSM certified personal trainer  and exercise physiologist with more than 7 years training various people and transforming people's lives. He has written various publications for various sports and fitness magazines. 

Motivation is the most important thing for all newbies of any spheres and branches. Therefore, here is some ideas about what motivation is for losing weight and the best tips for achieving the desired result.

7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

1. Think positively — do not give up for anything.

To motivate yourself to lose weight properly, first set yourself up for the positive, so that the new lifestyle gradually turns into a good habit. To do this, you need:

1. Realize that weight loss is a long process, which means you will have to work hard. You need to see your shortcomings and advantages as they are, and then plan an action plan.

2. Try meditation. It will help you concentrate and set yourself up for the result.

3. Start going on a balanced diet. Without this, weight loss is impossible.

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4. Diversify physical activity with something pleasant. For example, dancing or swimming.

2. Minimize stress. Do not think that being overweight is the end of the world.

In no case do not make the idea of weight loss obsessive! [1] This can lead to depression, bulimia or anorexia. To avoid such a situation:

1. Exclude communication with negative people. You don't need any people who spoil the mood.

2. Try to find advantages in routine matters.

3. Surround yourself with positive emotions — walking with friends, watching comedies and your favorite hobby will help in this.

4. Start the day with wishing yourself ‘good morning’. Increase your self-esteem and compliment yourself.

3. Share your plans with others and find soulmates.

A great motivation for losing weight is to tell your loved ones about your plans. They will definitely support you. Here are some tips:

1. Come up with a motivational slogan. Say this phrase to yourself every day or put it on the screen saver in your phone.

2. You need support because losing weight is a complex process. If there are no friends among yours who are ready to go this way with you, the Internet is full of motivational groups and those who want to do sports together.

3. If you have found friends on the Internet, try to be interested in their success every day and encourage them — they will do the same.

4. Finish with old things! New beautiful clothes is coming!

Here are some tips from psychologists to motivate yourself to lose weight:

1. Leave old clothes. They can be given to charity, recycled or handed over to a second-hand store.

2. Update your haircut and get your nails done. Make sure that you like yourself. This will be a great incentive to change for the better.

3. Stylish leggings and comfortable sneakers will make you feel confident in the gym, and increase the desire to exercise.

5. The right pace and the pleasure of training.

Sport is an excellent antidepressant. [2] The mood improves due to the release of adrenaline and dopamine. So don't forget that:

1. Even the most ordinary warm-up improves your mood.

2. Each organism has its own pace, so do not overload yourself.

3. Start the exercises small, gradually increasing the load.

4. Drink enough water — cells recover faster.

6. Find your proper and delicious food.

A balanced diet is an important stage of weight loss. [3] This does not mean that you should eat unloved food. So:

1. There are many delicious and healthy dishes — it may be interesting for you to learn how to cook them and find your own balanced diet.

2. Give up your favorite goodies gradually. If you stop eating the usual foods one day — it can lead to a breakdown.

3. For snacks, stock up on nuts, dried fruits and apples. Yes, despite the fact that these foods have fructose, there is nothing intimidating about it. Banning fructose and fruits is one of the biggest popular weight loss myths. The main thing is not to overeat.

4. Motivate yourself with the right phrases like " Today I choose...". Don’t talk constantly about the fact that you are going on a diet and you can’t eat some goodies. This would remind you of forbidden stuff.

Attach the names of chosen dishes and their recipes to the fridge — this will be an excellent motivation for losing weight.

7. Visualize the desired image and keep a diary of achievements

Start the morning by imagining yourself slim. Think as if this has already happened:

1. Find photos where you were slim and liked yourself. Remember that this is real.

2. Take out your favorite clothes 1-2 sizes smaller. Let it become an incentive for you to lose weight.

3. Start a weight loss diary or blog. Write down your diet and your achievements in it, how much you ran or did push-ups, how long you stood in the bar. Set goals and achieve them by ticking them off. This is very motivating for weight loss.

4. Take a photo of yourself in a swimsuit once a week and record the parameters. You can share this information in special blogs and get support.

5. Always think positively about the final result.


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